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Member Profile - Verance

In 2015, the Verance Aspect watermark was selected by the Advanced Television Systems Committee to be part of the ATSC 3.0 NextGen TV Standard. The watermark plays a critical role in delivering ATSC 3.0 benefits to programmers and consumers. By adopting the Aspect watermarking platform, programmers gain access to an arsenal of new capabilities to increase viewer engagement and better monetize their content, including census-level audience measurement, household-level addressability, and top consumer features like personalization and interactivity.

The Aspect watermark has played a vital role in NextGen TV tests across the country, including a NextGen TV Advanced Emergency Information Test in Raleigh, NC. Verance partnered with Digital Alert Systems, Triveni Digital and Capitol Broadcasting’s WRAL to successfully transmit NextGen TV Advanced Emergency Information across all distribution paths. The test proved that robust AEA emergency information could successfully pass through existing ATSC 1.0 over-the-air, cable and satellite paths, as well as OTT platforms and ATSC 3.0 transmissions from a single insertion point. As a result, every member of the general public with a NextGen TV or ATSC 3.0 media adapter will be able to receive Advanced Emergency information.

The Aspect watermark ensures the metadata and triggers associated with NextGen experiences (such as Advanced Emergency Information) reach 100% of connected televisions across all distribution paths. Without the Aspect watermark, cable, satellite and OTT subscribers – who represent approximately 80% of all television viewers today – would be unable to receive these experiences and the full potential of NextGen TV would go unrealized. Today, the watermark is being embedded by all of the leading broadcasters across the country.

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