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Device Solutions Inc. joins NVISA

NVISA is pleased to welcome Device Solutions, Inc. as a member of the NextGen Video Information Systems Alliance. Device Solutions is a full-service embedded engineering firm. A virtual R&D department for companies of all sizes, they offer product development services, including feasibility studies, embedded hardware and firmware design and development, industry and regulatory certifications and approvals, and manufacturing support.

Device Solutions is also an end-to-end provider of cellular data services for IoT, and are widely considered experts in sensors and mesh networking. With a core expertise in wireless, our engineering consultancy created Cellio, an IoT ecosystem for data collection, remote control and monitoring, and exception alerts that communicate through cellular or Wi-Fi.

Along with fellow NVISA members PBS North Carolina, Device Solutions was allocated a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant awarded by the Department of Homeland Security to continue the development of a new emergency digital paging system over ATSC 3.0 TV.

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