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The NextGen Video Information Systems Alliance is an international industry consortium committed to accelerating the development and practical implementation of innovative approaches to advanced information services - including emergency communications - in nextgen broadcast and OTT systems. 

Our vision is for the industry to provide video services providers with strong value through innovation and collaboration on advanced information services, including streaming services, entertainment, distance learning, public safety, next gen Emergency Alert System compliance, value-added Advanced Emergency Information services, CVAA accessibility requirements, and other specialized data service.

One Industry. One Purpose.

Our joint mission is to serve the needs of video systems operators and industry standards bodies by

  • Presenting a common voice by members on advanced video information issues,

  • Promoting knowledge of industry solutions for advanced broadcast and cable video services,

  • Facilitating interoperability across members,based on standards-based implementation and best practices

  • Coordinating with industry standards bodies and government policy-making agencies, and

  • Driving the adoption of next generation data capabilities across the industry.

The Alliance’s members represent the leaders in NextGen TV broadcast systems and infrastructure.  Our diverse members share core values:

  • We are customer-focused, and dedicated to our customers’ success.

  • We are action-oriented, and focused on producing real solutions to benefit industry

  • We are innovators, improving the future of NextGen TV broadcast data services through contributing to standards, best practices and creating advanced technologies.

  • We act with integrity and purpose.

Our Commitment to NextGenTV

The Alliance brings together the most experienced infrastructure equipment stakeholders to share findings and discuss issues regarding ATSC 3.0 NextGenTV deployment and interoperability.  

Our members are leaders in the ATSC 3.0 effort, contributing resources that have fundamentally shaped industry standards, specifications and best practices.

Our Leadership

Chairman and Executive Director

Edward Czarnecki, Digital Alert Systems Inc.

Board Members

Richard Lhermitte, Enensys

Gopal Migliani, Bitrouter

Jason Patton, Verance

Mark Simpson, Triveni Digital

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