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Consumer Survey: The Case for an ATSC 3.0 Advanced Emergency Information Service

Research on how American consumers view their emergency information options and how new features enabled by ATSC 3.0 can improve them. 1/13/2022


Summary:  Consumer-facing research from the NextGen Video Information Systems Alliance (NVISA), sponsored by Sinclair Broadcast Group’s subsidiary, ONE Media 3.0, offers the first insight into which features American consumers want most in a NextGen Broadcast-enabled emergency information service.​

Visually Integrated Display Symbology (VIDS)



Summary:  This document makes recommendations related to the visual presentation of emergency information via display systems able to combine graphics and text elements which include, but are not limited to; the Emergency Alert System (EAS), Advanced Emergency Information (AEA) applications NextGen TV, digital signage, among others.

Visually Integrated Display Symbology (VIDS)

Symbology Graphics Bundle (zip file)

Summary:  A zip file with each of the VIDS symbols in .png & .svg format. 

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