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Member Profile - Hitachi-Comark Digital Services

Comark Digital Services (CDS) is an experienced team of broadcast professionals that understand the complexities of both IT and encoding technologies who can integrate your NEXTGEN TV solution. The CDS group has been established within Hitachi-Comark to assist customers with the complexities of equipment selection, integration services, and field deployments of ATSC 3.0 / NextGen TV solutions. Hitachi-Comark and its CDS group have already been involved with several field trials and real-world NextGen TV deployments across the country.

Whether replacing a legacy ATSC 1.0 system or planning a complete ATSC 3.0 rollout, CDS guides broadcasters through the business and equipment options. CDS can help broadcasters select the most advanced and reliable technology, design the system, and integrate everything at our advanced labs; CDS handles the end-to-end implementation. CDS focuses on “all things IP” including encoding, signaling servers, broadcast gateways, as well as IP delivery solutions. Many of the solutions CDS integrates for NEXTGEN TV are software products virtualized to run on dedicated servers, enterprise-level IT infrastructure, or even in cloud-based environments. CDS has solutions for protective IP connectivity (IP-STL) to effectively move content from a NOC to the cloud environment and then to the multiple SFN transmitter sites.

From software-based encoding solutions, through full ATSC 3.0 signal processing, and finally test and monitoring, CDS can custom tailor the end-to-end equipment solution necessary to get a station on the air and producing new digital revenues. CDS has partnered with several key technology vendors in the market to offer a wide depth of options for every broadcaster’s needs.

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