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Member Profile - DigIt Signage Technologies / ChyTV

DigIt Signage Technologies manufactures the ChyTV line of high-end Broadcast Television Graphics systems as well as Digital Signage players. The ChyTV products are derived from Chyron Corporation who pioneered making high-end Broadcast Television graphic systems for networks such as FOX, ESPN, ABC, NBC, etc. The company's graphics products have the same quality look and feel as what you see today on broadcast television news or sports. The company's entire staff worked for Chyron for 25+ years developing, supporting and selling high end graphic solutions. In 2009, they leveraged our combined staff experience of video graphic knowledge to establish and develop the ChyTV product line.

In addition to television broadcasters, the ChyTV product line from Digit Signage Technologies has a long history of successful and reliable installations for emergency alerting and messaging in a variety of government and municipal facilities, including Capitol Hill, military bases, Navy ships, college and university campuses, PEG Channels and more. Experience matters. ChyTV products are used in schools, offices, airports, banks, dealerships, hospitals, worship and other public venues. The company's Security/Alert systems are used in prominent Government and Military installations. In addition to its simple user interface, custom applications and Software Developer Kits for third party development are also available.

As one of the original members of the NextGen Video Information Systems Alliance, our mission is to ensure the successful deployment of enhanced emergency information solutions across the ATSC 3.0 ecosystem, including next-generation Advanced Emergency Information applications, enhanced media display for the Emergency Alert System, and accessible emergency information audio.

We are the initial implementor of VIDS (Visually Integrated Display Symbology), which was developed in collaboration with Digital Alert Systems (DAS). The goal of this VIDS technology is to improve the visual presentation of emergency alerting information on video displays, with the system guiding the implementation of emergency warning graphic interfaces, including the addition of dynamic elements. When used with DASDEC EAS-Net communications protocol, our HD-EAS graphics generator utilizes VIDS to display both a text crawl and symbolic element corresponding with the current alert state. In addition, icons for specific type of alerts can remain after the text has completed its required display cycle.


Vincent Biondolillo

VP Product Sales


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